Cardano Improvement Proposals

Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs)

Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs) describe standards, processes; or provide general guidelines or information to the Cardano Community. It is a formal, technical communication process that exists off-chain. The current process is described in details in CIP1 - "CIP Process".

Current CIPs (as of 06/02/21)

# Title Status
1 CIP Process Active
2 Coin Selection Algorithms Draft
3 Wallet key generation Draft
4 Wallet Checksum Draft
5 Common Bech32 Prefixes Draft
6 Stake Pool Extended Metadata Draft
7 Curve Pledge Benefit Draft
8 Message Signing Draft
9 Initial Parameters Draft
10 Transaction Metadata Label Registry Draft
11 Staking key chain for HD wallets Draft
12 On-chain stake pool operator to delegates communication Draft
13 Cardano URI Scheme Draft
14 User-facing Asset Fingerprint Draft
15 Catalyst Registration Transaction Draft
16 Cryptographic Key Serialisation Formats Draft
19 Cardano Addresses Draft
1852 HD Wallets for Cardano Draft
1853 HD Stake Pool Cold Keys Draft
1854 Multi-signatures HD Wallets Draft

:bulb: - For more details about Statuses, refer to CIP1.

CIP creation process as a Sequence Diagram

"Alice has a Cardano idea she'd like to build more formally": Mary interacting with community and editors for a Cardano Proposal

Extend or discuss ‘ideas’ in the Developer Forums, Cardano’s Official Developer Telegram Group or in #developers in Cardano Ambassadors Slack.
CIP Editors meetings are public, recorded and summarized: do join and participate for discussions/PRs of significances to you.

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