Cardano Improvement Proposals

Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs)

Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs) describe standards, processes; or provide general guidelines or information to the Cardano Community. It is a formal, technical communication process that exists off-chain. The current process is described in details in CIP1 - "CIP Process".

Current CIPs (as of 11/20/20)

# Title Status
1 CIP Process Active
2 Coin Selection Algorithms for Cardano Draft
3 Wallet key generation Draft
4 Wallet Checksum Draft
5 Common Bech32 Prefixes Draft
7 Curve Pledge Benefit Draft
8 Message Signing Draft
10 Transaction Metadata Label Registry Draft

:bulb: - For more details about Statuses, refer to CIP1.

CIP creation process as a Sequence Diagram

"Alice has a Cardano idea she'd like to build more formally": Mary interacting with community and editors for a Cardano Proposal

Extend or discuss ‘ideas’ in the Developer Forums, Cardano’s Official Developer Telegram Group or in #developers in Cardano Ambassadors Slack.